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Second Degree Training

A new group will begin every February. No new students will be added to a group after the third meeting.

Lectures and Practical Matters

Alternating lectures, practicum (circle) and book reports/paper presentations. Meetings will be held monthly on a mutually agreeable day and time. Lectures and presentations will not be held in Circle. The Fireweed Circle Casting will be used for the practicum work.
CW201 Covens and Solitaries Group working vs. solitary working
HER201 Herbalism for magical effects The magical uses of herbs today and in the past.
HER202 Herbalism for health An overview of modern medicinal uses of herbs and how they were regarded in ancient times.
CR201 History of Wicca History of modern Wicca, includes tracing the rise of various traditions.
REA202 Counseling basics Adler, Jung, Freud and their methods. Masculine Vs Feminine people. Learning to listen.
ETH201 Ethics and Hexing The One Law, The One Suggestion, As the Circle Squirms, Magic to solve problems: when and how to use it.
CR202 Teaching Includes some teaching methodology and a discussion of Student and Teacher Agreements.
REA202 BC Behavioral Cognitive approach to counseling.
REA203 Psychtests Looking into your own mind with several common psychology tests and the Wiccan Magical Style Inventory.
REA201 Death and Dying Funerals and grief. Helping others to move through the grieving process.
CW201 Trance techniques Practicum of various trance techniques and guided meditations.
CW203 Drawing the Moon/Sun Consists of several sessions to aid the student into Drawing Down the Sun or Moon.
HER203 Healing Methods Energy transfer, headology and shamanic healing are explored.
CR203 Shamanism Explores the shamanic world view and how it can complement Wicca.
Research and Teaching

The role of the Second includes teaching, whether or not the person takes students on a formal basis. Attendance at First degree classes is not required but the student may sit in on any class to observe.

In the first year, the student will present a Fireweed lecture (already written) to the current First degree class. In the second year, the student will present a lecture of their own research to the current First degree class. This second lecture may be on any topic not currently in the Fireweed course of study. It may be offered to other teachers for use in their First Degree training programs and may become part of the regular Fireweed course of study.

What will you teach? The student will provide a course listing for what they would teach in a First Degree training program. Include a brief description of each class.

Independent research is the other hallmark of a Second. Since every student has their own interests and skills, there will be no preassigned topics for areas of research.


Four papers, on topics of the student's choice and approved by the instructor, will be due every six months from the start of the program. Length 15-20 pages, plus references. These will be presented at the discussion group and will be critically read by the other students and instructors. Papers, or a condensation therof, may be submitted to scholarly Pagan journals for publication or collected and published by the Covenant.

Book Reports

Four book reports at the 3, 6, 9 and 12th month of study. Book choice approved by instructor, 5 to 10 pages in length. What you liked, didn't like, can't find reference to anywhere else, is of great use or no use to others. A synopsis may be published in the COG in the Wheel to share with the community.

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