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First Degree Training

The course of study is cyclic, in that new students can begin at several times in the year. The courses listed below will be taught by members of Fireweed, Second degree students and outside lecturers.

The initial lecture series consists of:

  1. What is Fireweed: An introduction to the syllabus, handouts on various things such as Definitions, a Group Danger Evaluator, As the Circle Squirms- an ethics series and the student/teacher agreement. Settling of time and place of classes. The following lectures are described in the syllabus.
  2. CW101 Circles
  3. CR101: The Goddess
  4. CR102: The God
  5. ETH101: Ethics
Comparative Religions
CR101 The Goddess Some of the major female deities that are common in the Craft today. Also covers who chooses whom, the seeker or the Deity?
CR102 The God As the Goddess, so the God.
CR103 History of Magic I An overview of Magic and Religion from 25000BCE to 1600CE Includes shamanism and the early religions. Why are cities such a bad idea?
CR104 History of Magic II The history from 1600CE to the present. Includes the secret societies, the growth of Wicca and some modern traditions.
CR105 Pantheons A series of lectures that cover various pantheons from the ancient and modern worlds. The major deities and relationships of the Celts, Greeks, Egyptians, South American peoples and the differences and similarities of Shamanism and Wicca.
Craft Working
CW101 Circles What is a Circle? How is it constructed and taken down? The concepts of sacred space. The altar and its contents. The directions and their correspondences. Students will get a circle casting script that will be used in further work.
CW102 Basic Meditation I and II Basic methods of meditation and how to implement them.
CW103 Visualization How to visualize an object or result. The end result of a spell or request could depend on how accurately the end result is visualized.
CW104 Basic Trance Work The beginnings of Trance. Students should have been meditating for several months and be able to sit still.
CW105 Spells and Rituals Design constraints and parameters for spell work and for putting together effective ritual. Choice of Deities, chants, dances, types of rituals and spells and various problems that can arise.
CW106 Magical Alphabets An overview of magical alphabets (Ogham, Runes, Theban and others) and the use of non-English language in ritual. Cryptography ancient and modern.
CW107 Theatre and Ritual How to make ritual more than just reading the lines on a card. Memorization of parts, improvisation, diction and enunciation, gesture, timing, movement and special effects.
CW108 Wheel of the Year Eight lectures covering the Sabbats. Attendance at the Covenant of Gaia's Sabbat Circles is highly recommended.
DIV101 The Tarot History, types of decks available and to see and try out.
DIV102 Divination II Other methods of divination: I Ching, bibliomancy, astrology, numerology, and more to come.
ETH101 The One Law The One Law and some of the ramifications, both in daily life and in religious and magical practice. The One Suggestion. Oathbound and what that means. Secrecy and Trust. As the Circle Squirms, a fictional ethics series, is discussed.
Herbalism and Healing
HER101 Magical Herbs Use of herbs and plants in magical settings: purification and protection. Ancient and modern uses.
HER102 Talismans and Talismanic Stones Methods of constructing talismans and the use of magical stones in them. Ancient and modern uses.
REA102 Death and Dying A view of death and its consequences. Beliefs in afterlife and reincarnation, organizing an estate and the legalities of death. Coping with grief in yourself and in others. A Pagan funeral service is discussed.
Student Circles

In circles cast by the students, we will explore practical aspects of our religious life. Specific work of healing and protection can be done, but inform the teacher beforehand so any necessary materials may be obtained. The topics include: Making and Consecration of Tools, Travel into the Realms of the Four Elements, Dances and Chants for Ritual, Raising Power, Scrying Methods and Dedication.

Students are expected to plan, write and participate in a ritual for the Covenant of Gaia Community Circles.

Other non-Fireweed opportunities for learning sponsored by the Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta and are open to students and non-students.

Winter Mysteries is an experiential trip into Winter. Usually runs twice in a weekend (Fri night and Sat, and Sat night and Sun), usually in late February.

Bright blessings upon all who follow the way of their Heart.

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