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All Degrees

To attend any Fireweed classes a prospective student must be 18 years or older.

Students who wish to withdraw from training for any reason, whether temporarily or permanently, should have the courtesy to inform the instructor. Students who disappear without explanation will not be allowed to rejoin Fireweed.

First Degree Training

The prospective student must attend an initial series of five lectures. If the teacher and prospective student agree that this path seems right for both of them a student/teacher agreement will be signed to officially dedicate the new student to this path.

Classes will be held at a time and place convenient for the students and instructors. Generally there will be 3-4 classes per month. Makeup classes are possible if the teacher is informed in advance that the student cannot attend a particular class. Time to completion of the program is approximately one year.

There is an final exam with written and experiential components that must be completed before initiation.

Second Degree Training

The prospective student must have at least a first degree initiation and have been practicing as a first for at least one year.

The time expected for completion of the Second Degree is two years from dedication, given that no major gaps in commitment occur.

As the First can be compared to a Bachelor's degree in university, so the Second is the Master's program. As such, there is a mix of lectures and learning practical matters from instructors, as well as independent research and sharing that knowledge with others.

Another important component of the Second Degree training in Drawing Down the Moon or the Sun. We believe that Drawing is a manifestation of Deity, not a polite metaphor, opportunity to recite poetry or a chance for a priest or priestess to pontificate. Students must demonstrate an ability to Draw Down before their initiation will be scheduled.

There is no final exam for this degree. All assignments must be completed before initiation.

Time commitment


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