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Fireweed is a course of study in Eclectic Wicca. It is not a tradition or a coven, but a teaching group that provides a Craft toolkit that students can use to develop their own spirituality and way of working.

Fireweed began in 1991 with several instructors and a one-on-one instructional model. When the number of students rose to double that of the instructors, Fireweed swapped to the muti-student class structure that is used today.

We are part of the Black Ring Lineage in the Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta. Initiates are given a hematite ring at the First Degree initiation and a black onyx and hematite necklace at the Second Degree level.

For advice on choosing a teacher, please read the article on the Covenant of Gaia's website. If the fit between student and teacher is not right, it will lead to discord and other unpleasant things. Other advice can be found in the Group Danger Evaluator.

We hold that spiritual knowledge should be free and that teachers may not materially profit from their students. Only the costs for supplies or space rentals will be asked of the students. This stipulation is also in the oaths sworn by Fireweed initiates.

Fireweed classes are taught in Calgary and must be attended in person. Distance learning is not currently available.

Lecture classes are not held in sacred space, but experiential classes are. Students may ask for personal work to be done at those times or by arrangement.

It is advantageous for students to maintain a personal Book of Shadows (journal) of their experiences during and after training. This is separate from any lecture notes given out as a part of the course of study and is the private and confidential property of the student.

Fireweed currently trains at the First and Second degree levels. See the relevant sections for more information. A Third degree program is being developed.

The main instructor is Sandy. She hold a Third degree in Eclectic Wicca and in the Black Ring Lineage, with training in shamanism and an interest in and by several Celtic and Egyptian deities. Author of As the Circle Squirms (See ETH101).

Other instructors include:

Gary: Holds a Third Degree in Eclectic Wicca and in the Black Ring Lineage and works in the Celtic pantheon. He plays a mean bodhran andis the instructor for History of Magic I and II, Theatre and Ritual, and is also the author of the Group Danger Evaluator.

Anne: Holds a Second degree in the Black Ring Lineage. She is the instructor for Meditation I and II. She also teaches independently from Fireweed.

Peregrine: Holds a Second degree from Fireweed and the Black Ring Lineage. She is the instructor for the Greeks lecture of CR105 Pantheons.

You can contact Fireweed by emailing to Fireweed address.

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